Syazna World’s recruitment service identifies top talent tailored to your industry, ensuring the right fit for your organization’s success.

What services we provide

Job Analysis and Description
Crafting comprehensive job descriptions and analyzing roles to attract the right candidates.
Candidate Sourcing
Utilizing various channels to identify and attract potential candidates, including job boards, social media, and professional networks.
Screening and Shortlisting
Carefully reviewing applications, conducting initial interviews, and shortlisting candidates who match the desired criteria.
Interview Coordination
Scheduling and coordinating interviews between candidates and hiring managers.
Assessment and Testing
Administering relevant assessments and tests to evaluate candidates' skills and suitability for the role.
Reference Checking
Verifying candidates' background and references to ensure credibility.
Negotiation and Offer
Assisting in negotiations and extending job offers to selected candidates.

How we work

Job Analysis and Strategy
We begin by understanding your hiring needs, analyzing the job roles, and developing a recruitment strategy tailored to your business goals.
Candidate Sourcing
Our team utilizes a variety of sourcing channels, including job boards, social media, and professional networks, to identify potential candidates.
Screening and Assessment
We carefully review applications, conduct initial screenings, and assess candidates' skills and qualifications to shortlist the most suitable ones.
Interview and Selection
We coordinate and schedule interviews between candidates and your team, facilitating a thorough selection process to identify the best fit.
Offer and Onboarding Support
Once a candidate is selected, we assist with negotiations, extend offers and provide onboarding support to ensure a smooth transition into your organization.

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